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What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy is the process of identifying, mapping and executing digital marketing activities that will increase your business’ competitive advantage. It is the process of getting to know your business and understanding your objectives, then charting the best path to achieve those objectives.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Benjamin Franklin.


Why you need Digital Strategy

Having an accurate Digital Strategy will give your business a competitive advantage, as it will ensure that your marketing activities are strategically aligned to your business objectives. It will ensure that you marketing is focused, integrated and running effectively, thus meeting your objectives quicker and not wasting money in the process.

The benefits are:

Market share
Businesses that do not have an effective Digital Strategy often have an ad hoc approach to marketing. By having a strategy you can quickly overtake them and strengthen your position in the market place.

Integrated campaigns
Too often digital marketing campaigns are run in silo (e.g. SEO keywords not being used to inform SEM/PPC activity). An effective strategy will unify your marketing to ensure that it is running harmoniously.

Cost savings
Another advantage of a Digital Strategy is that by having a clear path mapped out you can ensure your marketing dollars are being spent on the correct tools that will generate the best return and help you achieve your company objectives.

Defining goals makes your campaigns more measurable
A defined goal gives you something to work towards and by creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can have a measure to assess the success of your campaigns. This will give you the knowledge to know whether you are on track or whether you need to adjust your activities.


How Dux Digital can help you Digital Strategy

Our team of digital experts has over 19 years experience and have used that experience to create Digital Strategies for many Perth businesses.

Our Digital Strategies are built on a foundation of:

Research and understanding
We fully immerse ourselves in your business by getting to know it and its objectives. We look at your competitors locally and then internationally. We then combine this with our own understanding of the market to compile your digital strategy.

Technical knowledge
Unlike some digital strategists, we use the various digital marketing tools we suggest on a daily basis. This means we have an intimate knowledge of the tools and know the subtle things that could affect the success of a strategy.

Being agile
The beauty of “digital” is the ability to be agile and review constantly against your pre-defined KPIs. If something is not working it can be easily tweaked to ensure that it performs. We constantly monitor all of our campaigns and provide regular reporting via our custom reporting platform so you know exactly how they are going at all times.

The big picture
Many businesses will use a variety of off-line and online marketing. We investigate this as part of our research phase and ensure that they are not operating in silo and present a seamless brand experience for your customers.