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What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising typically utilises graphic based banners ads appearing on websites. Most people are familiar with banners appearing on their favourite news or lifestyle websites. Display Advertising gives you access to these and millions more websites across the internet, and together with advanced targeting methods can prove to be an effective digital marketing tool.


Why you need Display Advertising

Display Advertising is used by Perth businesses to reach potential customers on websites and apps across all publisher categories, from large well-known sites to niche sites where your users may in fact spend more of their time (e.g. a person interested in football may spend more time on niche football related sites and apps rather than on large news and entertainment websites).

The benefits are:

Brand exposure
By being present and visible online you can create trust and knowledge of your brand. With the reach of Google’s advertising network your ads can be seen on just about every relevant website in existence. This gives you the ability to reach the most people within a target market when compared to other digital marketing tools.

Contextual targeting
Contextual targeting allows you to target your display advertising alongside the most relevant content (e.g. if you sell kitchens, your ads can appear on renovation or similar topic websites). This allows you to connect with an actively interested audience and will increase the likelihood of brand recognition and ultimately conversion.

Dynamic ads
By using rich media you are not limited to static ads and can bring your campaign to life by utilising animations, slideshows or streaming media to leave a memorable impression on potential customers.

Cost effective
Compared to other marketing channels display advertising offers a relatively cost effective means to reach a high number of potential customers. This is great for businesses looking to make the most of their marketing budget.


How Dux Digital can help your Display Advertising campaign.

The placement of display ads is vital – understanding your target audience and knowing where they spend the time will dramatically increase the success of your Display Advertising campaign. Our team of Perth based digital marketing experts has over 19 years experience and truly understands what it takes to create a successful campaign.

Our Display Advertising campaigns are built on a foundation of:

We know our stuff
Our team has created countless display advertising campaigns over the years and this has given us a great knowledge of what makes an awesome campaign. We know the subtle technical changes that can make all the difference, and we also know which call-to-action’s work best; generally and industry specific.

Great ads
Although we live and breathe geek, we’re also a group of creatives at heart. Our animated banners are engaging and will drive significant traffic to your website. We know the imagery and colours that work best… We also know just how much copy to put on a banner.

Optimise and adjust
Like everything we do, we’re always looking to improve. We’re constantly reviewing your campaigns and making adjustments to ensure they perform and continue to perform in the future.

Analytics and reporting
Display advertising offers an amazing amount of analytical data. We pull this information into our custom reporting platform and report back to you at regular intervals. Giving you the knowledge and confidence that your campaigns are performing.