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What is Organic Social Media?

Posting your own content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc is what we call Organic Social Media. This differs from Social Media Advertising, as you are not paying for the posts to be seen or clicked on. Sharing content with your followers is a great benefit for many businesses, but social media also offers a way to discover more about your customers and in turn contribute to success and growth in all areas of your business.


Why you need Organic Social Media

With the continued growth mobile and tablet device sales coupled with the growth across all demographics in social media, many Perth businesses are taking advantage of these tools to gain brand exposure and build a strong following of loyal customers.

The benefits are:

Build a loyal following
Actively engaging with your audience and even going as far as offering competitions and giveaways is a great way to build a loyal following of passionate customers who will in turn become brand advocates for your business.

Brand development
Social media can legitimise your businesses for customers who have not heard of you before. Statistics show that 63% of potential new customers will engage with your business if they find out more information about you via your social media accounts (source: FactBrowser).

Learn about your customers
Successful businesses know and understand their audience demographics. Social media can give you insights such as gender, age, location and more. This data can then influence your products and services and even your other marketing activity such as SEO, ensuring you craft your campaigns to talk directly to these people.

Instant feedback
If you choose to, you can communicate quickly and easily with your followers. This allows businesses to get valuable insights from a customer perspective. Some businesses even choose to use social media as a customer service channel allowing them to respond to customer questions easily and quickly.


How Dux Digital can help you Organic Social Media campaign

Our team of digital experts has over 19 years of experience, that’s longer than Facebook’s been around (Facebook started February 4, 2004). We’ve helped many Perth businesses grow their social media accounts by boosting followers and providing engaging and relevant content, competitions, promotions and more..

Our Organic Social Media campaigns are built on a foundation of:

Research and strategy
Organic Social Media strategies are essential to delivering a successful campaign. We do this by getting to know your business and your customers and then developing a plan that will generate a great response.

Great posts
We know what makes a great post, be it at photo, a quote, a meme or something else. We work with you to plan your content in advance and even take photos to make sure your content is on brand and engaging.

Constant innovation
Facebook’s own motto is to “move fast and break things”… This means they’re constantly tweaking the platform and something that worked last month may no longer work this month. We live and breathe social and stay up-to-date with the latest new features ensuring we make sure your content is reaching your audience.

Analytics and reporting
Social media is a great tool for learning about your customer demographics. We pull this data into our custom reporting tool and report back to you at regular intervals.