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Ethical and Effective SEO Services from Perth WA

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to raise your rankings on search engines such as Google. The closer you appear to the top of the search results listings, the more likely someone will click on your listing and go to your website.


Why your marketing plan should include SEO

If you are a company operating in Perth, SEO is the most important digital marketing tool you can employ.

The benefits are:

SEO is an investment
There is no other form of digital marketing that can deliver as many sustained leads as a successfully implemented SEO campaign can. However, do it wrong and you can see your website banished to the back pages of Google.It is worth noting that this is not a quick fix solution, but one that when working properly can deliver your business leads for years – (if you need quick leads we can help you with that by clicking here).

Your competitors are doing it
Unfortunately, search engine optimisation is not new, and your business rival is most likely busy optimising their website right now. But fear not, with a proper strategy implemented by our team of SEO specialists in Perth we can help you bridge that gap and get those customers clicking on your site, not theirs!

Search is the number one way to attract new customers
Press was great. Not any more. Social is good, but Search is waaaay better!

Attract customers ready to buy now with our Local SEO Service!
You’ve probably searched for something in Google and seen a list of nearby business related to that search. This is great news if you have a traditional bricks and mortar location. With 50% of local searches resulting in customer visits within one day, we can help ensure your business appears correctly (source: Search Engine Land).


How Dux Digital’s SEO experts can help you

Our team of digital specialists has over 19 years experience, and we’ve been helping business like yours since before Google existed (Google started: 1998).

We keep up-to-date with the ever-changing SEO landscape. We’re all over algorithm changes and we know all the little ins-and-outs that will get your pages to appear on page one.

Our campaigns are built on a foundation of:

Technical Excellence
By using best practice we can gain ranking benefit and ensure your website is easily accessed by search engine crawlers and users alike.

SEO services done right! By aligning with our values of being an ethical and transparent agency we only employ SEO methods that will benefit your website and will not risk your site being penalised.

User Centric
By getting to know your business and your customers we undertake keyword research with a human touch. Implementing the correct keywords and ensuring they are relevant to the entire buying cycle.

Creative Content
At the heart of a good SEO campaign is the creation of great content. Our team of local copywriters craft engaging copy that will give your site authority and boost your rankings.

SEO should not be done in silo and should be part of your broader marketing mix. Simple things, like making sure your keywords align with your SEM campaigns are often overlooked by others.

Analyse, Adjust, Repeat.
All of our campaigns are constantly scrutinised, adjusted and scrutinised again. Using our custom reporting platform we delve deep into the data and work tirelessly to deliver you results.