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What is Website Retargeting?

Retargeting is the process of showing ads to people who have already visited your website as they browse other sites. It is sometimes called Remarketing and is achieved by setting a cookie on the users computer when they visit your site. It is a highly effective way of converting leads as it enables your business or product to remain top-of-mind as the customer navigates other websites or social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Why you need Retargeting?

By showing ads to people that have already visited your website or expressed an interest in your product you are more likely to generate a sale or a lead. Not everyone buys or fills out a form the first time they visit a website. Retargeting allows you to capture that person when they are ready to buy.

The benefits are:

Immediate returns
As soon as you launch your ads they will start appearing in search results. This means leads coming to your website in a matter of minutes. This is great for new websites or brands that have very little exposure.

Brand exposure
Imagine every time your customer goes to their favourite website, and there, on the right hand side, is your ad spruiking the virtues of your business. Then as they navigate through their Facebook timeline, they see your ad again. Retargeting offers unparalleled exposure for your business.

Cost effective
Typically, retargeting campaigns have a lower cost-per-click than SEM ads. Depending on the objective of the campaign bidding by thousand views, instead of clicks, can be an affordable and effective way to generate exposure.

Cross-selling opportunities
If your business sells more than one product or service, retargeting is the perfect platform to introduce your additional products. By segmenting your lists you can remarket to current customers or potentials, allowing you to create different messaging and even more successful campaigns.


How Dux Digital can help your Retargeting campaign

There is a fine line between great brand exposure and stalking. Knowing how to create a successful campaign, knowing when to go full out, and knowing when to limit exposure is what we do here at Dux Digital. Our experienced team of Perth based digital experts will create a truly exceptional campaign that we guarantee will deliver results.

Our Retargeting campaigns are built on a foundation of:

Technical excellence
Our team of digital experts has years of experience with retargeting. We know all the systems like the back of our hand and know all the little tips and tricks that will make all the difference.

Bid strategies
Understanding how to bid correctly on your campaign so that your ads are seen frequently, but not so much that they irritate a potential customer is what we do best. It’s a fine line and getting it right can have a massive impact on the success of your campaigns.

Review and optimise
Unlike other agencies, we never “set and forget”. We constantly review the performance of your campaigns and will make adjustments to optimise the ads so that they perform at their peak.

Tracking and reporting
We track and report on every campaign via our custom reporting platform. We share these results with your regularly so you are always informed and can rest assured that your campaigns are delivering.