Are SEO companies pulling the wool over your eyes

Is your SEO company being sneaky?

It is no doubt that SEO done right can be a worthwhile investment for your brand, but are you getting value for money? Not all SEO companies have the skills and experience to take your business to the next level, while others are only interested in a quick paycheck.

So, how do you sort the good from the bad? Is your SEO company being sneaky and pulling the wool over your eyes?

Confusing buzz words

The internet has given birth to a range of annoying yet catchy buzzwords. While twelve-year-olds are busy taking selfies, millennials have adopted the words BAE (before anyone else) and FOMO (fear of missing out) and Grandma has finally realised LOL doesn’t actually mean “lots of love”.

SEO companies are not exempt from the sparkle of a buzzword, and the question types aren’t afraid to use them in order to oversell themselves to clients. Growth hacking may sound like something straight out of the TV series Mr Robot, but it is really just a fancy term for online marketers who work out of the box with experimental techniques to rapidly increase your user database. Phrases like freemium, clickbait, disruptors, SERP, link juice and black hat / white hat all have their place in the digital world, but a genuine SEO agency will explain their goals for your business, in terms you understand. Look past the glitz and glamour and instead, focus on value and return on investment.

Fast and cheap

One of the most overused phrases is “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, but it is something SEO clients should remember. Good SEO and digital marketing take expertise and time, and rush jobs are probably due to outdated methods and poor practices. Automated processes are becoming more commonplace, but with the complex and ever-changing nature of SEO, the human touch is invaluable.

Quick fixes may work in the short term, but extraordinary guarantees of overnight success may just leave you with a penalty in your Google Search Console…followed by a rapid decrease in traffic. Many companies are time poor and may embellish their skills in order to gain your business, as with any service you should do your research.

Overseas companies may not be aware of local laws and be unfamiliar with the local market. Instead, choose a marketing agency in Perth with the assurance your queries will be answered in local time.

A lack of transparency

As a business owner, you may not be interested in every little detail, but you should educate yourself on the basics. Ask for a breakdown of services provided and be aware of any company who claims “it’s confidential” or gives you the brush off. Some shady SEO companies will avoid resolving errors such as broken links, and instead, turn off reporting in order to keep their clients in the dark. If someone is legitimate they will prove it, and provide you with evidence and updates. Some services only need to be performed initially, so make sure you aren’t paying for these one-off items on a recurring, monthly basis.

Types of reporting may include:

  • SEO website audits
  • Details of your website and any backlinks
  • Summary of on-page content
  • KPIs
  • Competitor analysis
  • Future plans

Why choose Dux Digital

Dux Digital is an experienced digital marketing agency based in Perth, WA. Our SEO services are transparent and we use a team approach to offer you the right skill sets in web design, SEO, graphic design, content creation, and marketing.

We have no lock-in contracts and excellent customer service. As a boutique agency, we are continuously learning to ensure our clients have access to the latest technology.