How much should I pay for a new website?

Calculating the cost

The most commonly asked question by anyone in the market for a new website is “How much will it cost?” Exasperating as it may be, it’s almost impossible to give a straight answer without knowing some specifics. Things like the size and type of website you want, the functionality you require and whether the site is for business or personal interests.

Are you asking the wrong question?

Rather than asking “How much will a new website cost?” Why not reframe the question and ask “What are the options?” and “What do I get for my investment?” Any professional Web Designer or Creative Agency will find these questions much easier to explain. Let’s unpack the options and analyse the real costs.

Entry level

You can get you a professionally made templated website using a theme from WordPress or similar for under $3000.  This is a popular option for new businesses because it’s quick and easy to get up and running, it can be customised to match the look and feel of your business. Plus, the low cost has the benefit of freeing up capital so you can invest in a marketing strategy for your goods and services.


Firstly, templates are themed and designed for industries, so it’s probable that others in your space will be using the same layout. Secondly, when it comes to the coding of the website, it can be very bloated, packed full of plugins, making it unlikely to meet strict accessibility guidelines and lastly, customising the theme beyond colours and logos can take just as much time as building a purpose-built website from scratch

A step up

An investment of $5,800 to $12,000 will get you a customised designed “brochure” style website which is unique to your business and captures the essence of who you are and what you do. It will be designed to generate leads/enquiries and is the logical step up for businesses who have previously run a theme design or looking to present a more professional image.

Search Engines will recognise and rank the site because it’s well coded and built with lead generation at its core. Plus, if it also has relevant and unique content, the site will start to appear in related searches.

More sophistication

$15,000+ will get you a more complex website with customised code elements and integrations into other functions such as CRM’s or Booking Systems. We’ll ensure that in addition to looking good, your website will have built-in security features and is ready to work hard for you, converting passing visitors into active customers.

A website in this bracket will reflect your brand and work seamlessly with your marketing campaigns and SEO. Because your site will include advanced functionality, it will work effectively straight away and has the capacity to grow with your business, avoiding the need for costly re-coding further down the track. This option has all the functionality and options required for business operating eCommerce stores.

Don’t forget to invest in your content

If you’re paying $5,000 + for a website, populating it with bad content or generic stock images should be a no-no. A quality copywriter or photographer is surprisingly affordable and will give your website that extra edge over your competitors. Content is an essential element to a quality website because it engages search engine algorithms. Once engaged, it interprets and ranks your site by assessing the use of keywords, the presence of authentic and original copy, the relevance of information as well as site structure, site speed, time spent on site and links.

The design process

Here at Dux, before we start designing a new website, we take the time to learn about you and your business. This informs the design, size and structure of the site. Much like any complex structure, a professional website has many components that must integrate seamlessly to deliver predetermined outcomes. The complexity of design and function naturally impacts the cost.

The process includes developing a sitemap, technical specifications, wireframes and visual design. The next step is populating the site with quality content and images. After the final review and sign off, we enter the testing phase. Each one of these stages is designed to ensure you get a website that is user-friendly, exceeds your expectations, is efficient and more importantly, delivers a good return on investment.

Calculating the cost

Our advice – don’t confuse cost with value for money or return on investment. Working with an innovative creative agency has tangible benefits, including access to specialised knowledge amassed over years, a track record of success, high levels of technical expertise, and applied knowledge of the local market. Remember, your website is your conduit to clients, it’s an effective and cost-effective way of showcasing your business to the world.