How we talked ourselves out of SEO work (One Time VS Ongoing)

What Does Ongoing SEO Give You?

What would you say to a digital marketing company who is prepared to turn down SEO work? Perhaps you would say they are crazy, or maybe if they are that overworked they should look at hiring more staff. You might even say they are letting their customers down.

Instead, you should be asking why a company would be prepared to miss out on revenue because the answer may surprise you. This one is simple, because at Dux Digital we are perfectionists and believe there is no such thing as just a little bit of SEO.

The thing about SEO…

We understand why companies may feel like SEO is not a priority. It can be a confusing concept and many people have even experienced poor results in the past from deceitful SEO companies.

SEO is a unique field, it is ever changing and requires continual monitoring to keep your website performing well in those search engines. While there are types of marketing campaigns which can be done on an occasional basis, when it comes to an SEO campaign our general advice is to choose an ongoing approach. This is particularly important when you are in a competitive industry, because if the work isn’t done you can quickly slide down the ranks of Google while your competitors soar to the top.

The benefits of Ongoing VS One Time SEO

If you have a small business, or something in a very unusual niche, one time SEO may be enough to fix any minor issues and improve your website’s performance. In addition, brand new websites may benefit from initial optimisation, but may not be quite ready for ongoing support and maintenance.

When it comes to larger companies, a different strategy should be used. When you consider how hard it is to reach that top spot and stay there, not investing the time could leave your customers packing their bags and shopping with your rivals.

So, why did we talk ourselves out of SEO work? We are a digital agency who is not in business to waste the time and money of our customers. If we don’t think you will get the results you are looking for with occasional SEO…we will say so. It’s because we value our clients that we put our reputation and integrity over a quick profit. There are still ways we can help you grow your brand, but if it’s a choice between an erratic and occasional SEO effort and a long term, strategic approach we will always opt for the latter.

What does Ongoing SEO give you?

Maintaining your SEO over a longer period of time will give you access to in-depth reporting and analytics, which is valuable information. This reporting can be reviewed and analysed allowing us to adapt our strategies as necessary.

Any goals can be monitored and all progress is reported. When goals are attainable and measurable it makes for more successful outcomes. If you are serious about increasing your traffic with the help of search engine optimisation, and want a clearer picture of where you stand, then ongoing SEO is recommended.