Ideas for your next Facebook post

Stuck on ideas for your next Facebook post?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are stuck on ideas for your next Facebook post? Read our handy guide below and you will be on your way to social media greatness. Facebook can be a great tool to engage with your target audience and can offer potential clients a window into your organisation whilst building a loyal army of brand advocates.

Your Facebook posts should encompass elements to retain, engage and grow your audience. Some elements are better than others depending on the type of industry your brand belongs to and depending on your business objective. For instance, reposting pictures of your customers using your products is more suited to a retail business than a service business.

Behind the scenes images

Something personal about the brand like a snapshot of what goes behind the scenes at your business is a good way to showcase your culture as it helps remind the audience that real people are behind the brand. Alternatively, behind the scenes shots of a particular project or products being manufactured or sourced shows a sense of authenticity and legitimacy behind the brand.

Something or someone that inspires you

Posting something that is inspiring but is still relatable to your brand is a good way for your audience to have a clear understanding of what your business entails such as your company’s values or what you want to become. For instance, at Dux Digital we are expert leaders within our industry. We reinforce this point by delivering insightful blogs (see previous blogs), industry statistics as seen above and… You have to follow us to find out the rest ;)!

Industry statistics

Depending on what industry your business belongs to, relevant, new data is a great way to share industry insights to your audience and to create a sense of legitimacy. It also shows that your brand is up to date with industry insights and trends. Posting industry statistics should also be relevant and useful for your audience as they may use it for their own purposes or consult your business for further advice in that particular field.

Blog posts

Blogs are an exceptional idea for content on your social media. Besides writing blogs for SEO purposes (see previous blog article), providing a link to your blog on social media sites can help your existing and potential audience to have a clearer understanding of your brand’s expertise which helps establish a sense of authority within your respective industry. Reposting blogs across your social media sites also increases traffic to your website which increases the chances of it converting into leads.

Customer repost

The idea about customer repost is simple, you repost a picture of your customer using your product or services. This type of post shows how genuine and authentic your brand is and it also informs new audiences or customers that your brand is trustworthy.


Polls and questions are a great way to elicit dialogue between you and your audience. For any brand, engagement between you and your customers is necessary for brand loyalty. The poll or question should be relevant to your brand because asking ‘what are you wearing today’ from a fashion brand will not elicit the same response if you asked that to a sports brand.

Promotions and competitions

Give your audience a reason or an incentive to interact and engage with your brand. Promotions and competitions are a great way to generate leads as well as long term audience or customer base. Again, depending on what industry your business belongs to, promotions and competitions varies in successfulness.

Ride the social trend wave

Jumping on the bandwagon on social trends has its perks. It’s cost efficient and requires little to no time to implement and most importantly of all, everyone knows about it so you don’t have to educate the masses. A perfect example of this is the Pokemon Go craze. Woolworths (Source: Lindsay Bennett, AdNews) posted an image of a person holding an apple disguised as a Pokeball. The post included fun Pokemon related tips which generated high engagement and garnered a whopping 40k likes in a single post. Woolworths continued to ride the Pokemon Go wave and posted screenshots of Pokemon’s in their stores which again generated high engagement over a short period of time. But there’s a right place and time for jumping on the bandwagon. Jumping on it too late or too early will evoke less or a negative response which is something you would like to avoid.