Small Business Guide to SEO

Standing out from the crowd

Over the past decades, marketing tools have evolved, providing business owners with many options to raise their company profile. While traditional methods still have a place, the world of online searches, reviews and social media, the internet has slowly but surely taken over. Hardly surprising when you consider it’s often the first place we look for information.

Standing out from the crowd

Your business needs to be seen, this is why using an agency with a SEO expertise and marketing knowledge makes good economic sense. Being visible when someone types your industry or services into a search engine helps, and this is where SEO comes into play. Because the faster you are found the more likely you are to convert your services into sales.

So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is simply the use algorithms (or formulas) used by Google and others to determine which sites offer the highest quality results. Thankfully these algorithms are impartial. They only measure a website’s content and relevance, so with the right tweaking, Perth companies can showcase their businesses, regardless of their size or location.
Limited marketing budget? SEO maximises your business exposure.

All business regardless of size need a well-constructed SEO strategy based on relevant keywords. It’s important because greater relevance means you reach more people who are actively seeking the product or service that you offer. We call this qualified traffic, and it directly translates to more enquiries, conversions and sales.

Think precision

Dux Digital are Perth’s SEO specialists. We will take the time to understand your business and goals and our SEO Specialists will comprehensively research the search terms or key words that are most likely to drive more traffic to your site.

For successful business, content is king

Recently Google underwent a significant update, developing algorithms which focus on the quality of content. To be picked up by search engines, content should be regularly updated with the most recent news, information and insights into your business. It’s never been more important to invest in producing engaging, interesting and importantly, SEO friendly content.

Be smart

You can boost your business search ranking, by using inbound links and keywords. Optimised key words will help to bump your website up the search engine rankings, but content must remain useful to visitors, readable and relevant. Inserting keywords unnaturally or repetitively can potentially hurt your rankings.

Fed up with lots of hits on your site but no business?

At Dux digital, we are dedicated to delivering the best result possible for your business. With nearly two decades of experience our team know Search Engine Marketing and SEO inside out.

We specialise in helping SMEs that are looking to step into digital for the first time or businesses that are active online but are not getting results.