Understanding SEO Link Juice

Origins of Link Juice

Link Juice is a commonly used term that describes how a website can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to maximise the amount of positive ranking factors that a link may pass from one page to the next generated from internal or external links.

These links improve your sites reputation and because ranking is cumulative, its one of the most important factors in determining how your sites search ranks on popular search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Ranking explained

Simply put, each page of your website can influence how your website is ranked by a search engine. This ranking capacity is governed by link metrics associated with individual pages. Because every web page has its own link metric, the ‘Page Rank’ of every page can combine to determine just how much Link Juice any one web page can flow or pass to another.

Origins of Link Juice

Links can be harvested from the web through direct and indirect actions. Including:

  • Link building strategies document sharing, guest posting, social media marketing, press release and publishing blogs.
  • Excellent content guides and info-graphics that initiate sharing of your content around the web, linking the pages naturally.

The link equity that passes from these sites to your site is the link juice, and is also rated depending on the calibre of the sites which link to you.

Effective transfers derives from pages that have:

  • good quality content that is extremely relevant to your site with a high PageRank and top Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs.);
  • user-generated content with relatively few outbound links; and
  • pages that are trending with social media audiences.

Ineffective transference to your site comes from pages with:

  • nofollowed the link to your site. (a mechanism which tells search engines Dont follow links on this page or Dont follow this specific link”);
  • irrelevant content, or link from unranked sites with no content;
  • lot of links; for example, ad links or site-wide links or paid links; and
  • pages which are not indexed in search.

Link building strategies that work
At Dux Digital, we believe each site is different so therefore each strategy will be different. Even so, there are some housekeeping tips that should always be done first like finding and removing low quality links.

Content, still the best way to build links naturally

  • Harness the power of social media by developing blogs with engaging content that prompts the reader to share your article with others creating natural links;
  • Understand your audience make sure content is topical, targeted and original.
  • Relevance, a blog created for the sake of SEO is worse than not having one at all.
  • High calibre content with ongoing relevance naturally generates links when referenced as resources.
  • Optimise content for related keywords can be ranked by search engines, providing a source of organic traffic.
  • Never overstuff content with key words. Algorithms used by search engines will recognise content that is written naturally and understand synonyms.

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