Why having a website will be more important than ever in 2019

The Thing About Custom Web Design...

It’s 2019 and gone are the days of waiting for your dial up to connect. Listening to that familiar sound (if you are old enough to remember then you know the one), only to be disconnected moments later when the phone rings. If you had the patience to sit through this excruciating process you could watch cat videos and hang out on Myspace. But, the internet has changed, and so have our behaviours.

Search is the new phonebook

With faster internet, we now rely on being connected and expect to have the information we want, right there at our fingertips. In 2019 a business without a website is like a shoe without a sock. It can work OK for a while, but something is missing.

OK Google. The search engine is the king of the internet and if you want a piece of the action then it’s the place to be. Do you remember the last time you dragged out the phonebook? Besides maybe using it as a step ladder these once common paper giants have now retired in favour of an online edition. In 2019 your potential customers will be continuing their search for products and services through the more popular search engines. What do you need to get listed? You guessed it…a website. Google extracts your business details and ranks you based on SEO. With fierce competition for getting that front page listing, we recommend staying away from templates and investing in something custom built.

Say It Your Way

A website gives you a place to show your customers exactly who you are. In a crowded marketplace, this could be just the thing which helps you to connect. You have a chance to show off your services, and even sell products 24/7 if it matches your business model. You aren’t only limited to Twitter’s word counts or paying for Facebook ads, you have the freedom to choose a design you love, and share the content you want to promote. Adding a blog will show the public you are dedicated to keeping them updated with news and expertise while keeping your SEO relevant.

No more playing hide and seek

If you don’t have a website, does your business even exist? Potential customers may never even hear about your services, and they could lose trust in your brand when you are digitally invisible. Regardless of whether your business is local, national or international the advantages of having a website shouldn’t be ignored. At the very least, consider the fact that THEY have a website. When we say THEY we mean your competitors and if you are serious about growing your brand then you should too. A professional website design should enhance your brand and be easy for your customers to find. There will be no more playing hide and seek as you put yourself in the spotlight.

Complementing socials

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and for many people, it isn’t just a way to share photos of their lunch. Often people use social platforms to stay in touch with local businesses and it can be a good way to increase brand loyalty. In 2019 your website and socials should complement each other more than ever before. On your website, you can promote your social media profiles, and on your socials, you can direct traffic to your website to give them in-depth information. It really is a no brainer. Your website can evolve over time, but investing the time and money into the right design will be worth every penny!