We give a damn.

We don’t want to be just another marketing company! If every company tells you the same thing, how do you cut through all the crap to find someone with a genuine interest in helping your business grow?

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We’re not on a mission to sign on every company

We turn away 10% of potential new clients if we can’t see a viable return on your investment. We’ll be up-front on whether or not we think we can help your business grow.

Do you know how much it costs you to make that phone ring? If you don’t know how much marketing $$$ you spend for a lead, it’s about the time you find out!

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How we will help

We will gather everything we can from your business, your current marketing efforts and your historical data. We will review your current strategies and your competitors to give you insight into what you can achieve. We will recommend the most appropriate marketing channel that will give you the greatest result.

But most importantly, we will be up-front about whether or not we think we can help your business grow.

What we DON’T DO

We don’t promise you the world…

We don’t make empty promises or try and baffle you with science. At Dux we simply say, you will deal with experienced local professionals who use proven methodologies to deliver measurable, transparent and creative campaigns that deliver a great ROI.

No lock in contracts at Dux

Our custom built websites and data-focused social marketing campaigns are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, and they work. Because Dux customers get the service and results they need, they choose to stay (and we like that)

We don’t keep our clients in the dark

At Dux, we have the skills required to scrutinise the analytics and review, refine and refocus adverts for maximum performance. Our reporting platform is accessible 24/7 so our clients can track how their campaign is working in real time.

We don’t subscribe to the one size fits all approach

We start every project with a detailed briefing to get to know your business and company objectives. It helps us to define your customers and analyse how they find you.  Then we design a website that meets your specific needs.   


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Delivering measurable results for our clients through

Custom Websites

We believe websites should be designed to incorporate functions and features that generate leads and showcases your business to best effect. 


SEO is a science. Done well, it’s an efficient and effective way to drive visitors to your website and turn clicks into customers.  

Google Ads

SEM, how our Dux Google Ads Specialists ensure your business pops up in the right places with the right message. 

Paid Social Media

As a conversion focused agency Dux are firm believers in the ability of highly targeted social media advertising to connect, engage and convert browsers into buyers.

Let’s grab a coffee and talk about if and how we can help your business achieve those goals! ?☕