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Clover Downs Contracting

Clover Downs Contracting (CDC) specialise in mining construction and maintenance working on civil and mechanical installations in mines across Australia.  Their highly skilled and experienced workforce offers a full suite of fabrication and technical and maintenance services for above or below ground installations.

CDC approached Dux with several complex issues.  They needed a new website which properly reflected the scope and diversity of their business and they also needed to establish and maintain an online presence as a trusted partner.  

The mining and resource sector were experiencing a downturn, with the associated high volume of staff turnover. This means CDC need to constantly re-establish relationships with companies, even if they have previously worked with them. They also need to introduce themselves to prospective companies where they are tendering for work.

Because most clients visit the website after meeting with or receiving a tender from CDC, our brief was to create a professional website which acts as a validation tool.  Our challenge was to design a website which showcased the depth and breadth of their services and their years of experience.

By creating an easy to navigate interface and combining it with the client’s awesome photography, we’ve crafted a stunning website that has exceeded expectations.  Because the website has been constructed properly, it has actually turned into a lead generation tool which drives organic traffic.

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