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Relines Australia & South Africa

Based in Western Australia and servicing the mining industry nationwide and internationally, Relines Australia is a trusted provider of specialist mill relining services. Relines has built a reputation for safety, technical excellence and professionalism even when working in extremely challenging environments.

Relines realised their business had evolved to the point where their existing website no longer reflected their business correctly.  It was clearly time for a new website which needed some specific functionalities.  

Their challenge was maintaining good relationships with clients at a time when the mining and resources sector was experiencing a downturn, and companies they had dealt with for years were experiencing high staff turnover. 

In order to re-introduce themselves to companies they’ve previously worked with and establish good relations with prospective clients when tendering for work, they needed a website to act as a validation tool. 

People visit their website after they have met with a Relines representative, or received a tender, so they needed a dynamic website specifically designed to showcase their breadth of services and years of experience.

Dux achieved this by designing a great interface, combining it with our client’s awesome photography to create a visually stunning but highly functional website that has exceeded expectations.  Dux expertise in coding and building custom websites has culminated in a website that delivers organic traffic and has evolved into a lead generation tool.

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