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Evidence based, social media advertising designed for locals by locals who know the market

There are thousands of spruikers who will promise you the earth. At Dux we simply say, you will deal with a team of experienced local professionals who use proven methodologies to deliver measurable results, with transparent and creative campaigns that provide a great ROI. We were early adopters, recognising the immense reach of social media advertising, and have built an enviable track record through staying ahead of the game. Choosing Dux to manage your social media advertising means you tap into decades of knowledge, technical excellence and creativity. Informed by data, we can demonstrate our strategic approach works.

Because the world of social media is dynamic and constantly changing, it makes partnering with the experienced team at Dux Digital a sound business decision. No razzmatazz just a campaign incorporating sound strategic advice informed by data and based on years of experience.

The benefits of working with Dux Digital’s Social Media Advertising experts

Targeting your ads by gender, age, education, profession, geo-location even interests.

It’s responsive – people start engaging as soon as your ad appears.

People are never far from their screens – we make sure you there too

Intelligent placement, means you’re talking to people who are ready to listen

The world of social media is dynamic and constantly changing. Social media advertising helps you to always be one step ahead of the competition.

Client Success Stories

Hotel Rottnest

Dux was tasked with providing highly targeted Paid Social Media advertising to promote Hotel Rottnest’s accommodation and events. By proving a measurable ROI we’ve provided a campaign which is both cost-effective and highly effective.

Tradewinds Hotel

We’ve delivered a cost-effective paid social campaigns that have delivered against the aspects of their business.

Our Paid Social Media Process

Dux have developed a winning formula for social media advertising strategies. We start by analysing your current status and that of your competitors. This data informs the personalised plan designed to maximise exposure and generate leads on Facebook or Instagram.

Informed planning

Because Dux has never subscribed to a one size fits all approach, we take the time to consider which paid social media channels will deliver the best results and ROI. We then develop a strategy to track and measure outcomes in real time and then fine tune accordingly.

Informed purchasing

We develop purchasing strategies based on your goals. By identifying whether you want to generate traffic to your website; increase brand awareness or wish customers to take a direct action on your site, we can combine several bid strategies that are customised to suit your business and budget.

Informed production

We’ve been harnessing the power of social media for our clients for years. Because we have the experience to generate content which is creative, appropriately formatted and sized, our clients get a campaign that works across all platforms effectively.

Informed Publishing

Scattergun marketing is the quickest way to burn your budget. We prefer a strategic approach and develop campaigns which are targeted at particular individuals. We then distribute the campaign, collect data for reporting and update or refine as necessary.

Invest in success with a Dux social media advertising campaign

Pioneers of Social Media Advertising in Perth with over 22 years of industry experience Dux Digital experts live and breathe the pursuit of growth and learning. We stay up-to-date with the latest tips and techniques with inhouse training and regularly sit social network exams. It’s how we stay ahead of the game

We specialise in developing goal focused, high performing, strategies for each channel

Technical excellence

We’re social media advertising specialists, we know when to run an ad, when to adjust a budget, and how to tweak the targeting.

Constant innovation

Facebook’s motto “move fast and break things” translates to ever-changing advertising tools. Our skilled team knows just what to do to get results

Engaging ads helping you to connect

Years of experience help us to write eye-catching headlines and select images to captivate your audience and elicit a response

Review, adjust and report

We love analytics because they how us how an ad is performing and allow us to constantly revise and improve

Let’s build something awesome together! Tell us about your project, and we’ll get back to you right away

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