Why Dux?

About Dux Digital Website and Marketing Services

Because we aspire to be the best in the business, we challenge ourselves every day by asking “What would the best digital agency in the world do?” We find this helps us resolve everything from complex problem solving, to dealing with each other and our clients.

Established under the leadership of Justin Greenwood, a digital warrior with a track record spanning over twenty years, working in Perth, Melbourne and London, Justin’s vision for Dux Digital was to do things differently. 

So he created a hybrid.  He achieved this by taking the best bits from traditional advertising, digital marketing and website development and amalgamating them into Dux Digital – a creative agency which is inspired by innovation, driven by design and created by experts right here in Perth. The Dux team was hand-picked for their knowledge, experience and expertise. Together they combine to deliver outstanding results for their customers.

Dux doesn’t rely on gut feelings to set the direction, preferring hard data, gathered by our systems and analysed by our experts to inform strategies that are reviewed and revised in real time to deliver optimal results. It’s a policy that keeps our clients informed and us accountable.

We build seamlessly integrated custom websites and develop personalised marketing strategies that work

At Dux Digital, we create seamlessly integrated custom websites that delight our customers because they’re built for functionality, optimised to deliver measurable results, and configured to provide the ultimate end user experience. A custom website from Dux supports our clients achieve and exceed their business goals.

A properly coded and designed website is a powerful lead generator and can future-proof your brand for years to come. We invest the time to learn about your business so we can develop strategic and dynamic marketing campaigns designed to hit the mark. Our in-house experts analyse the data from your website analytics to create reports which keep you informed. It allows our Google trained specialists to refine and tweak SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media Advertising for optimal efficiency. With no lock in contracts, this transparency allows you to track progress in real time and keeps us accountable.

Because we aspire to be the very  best, we challenge ourselves to improve every day

Clients come first – without them we have no business

Our people define us and our brand

Being ethical and transparent is how we do business

We love what we do, because we do what we love

We invest in our people through ongoing training and development

We never make empty promises – we are accountable 

We have the knowledge, experience and desire to achieve great things

What we DO

We construct custom websites with marketing in mind

We understand the appearance of a website must represent the business and the brand.  Importantly it should also have the capability to gather data, and act as a lead generator for the business.  A Dux website ticks all the boxes.

Social Media Marketing – it’s more than posting online

Dux Social Media experts use proven methodologies to deliver measurable results, with transparent and creative campaigns that provide a great ROI.  We place adverts correctly, so you to stay in line of sight, till the customer is ready to buy. 

Effective Google Ads campaigns to suit your budget

Dux Google-certified experts,  analyse your market position, assess your competitors then design and manage your Google-Ads campaign with precision.  You can be confident that a Google Ads management campaign from Dux means highly qualified website traffic and a great ROI. 

Dux local SEO understand the local market

Our SEO strategies are unique, intelligent and curated on a case-by-case basis. Each campaign is based on intensive research and our clear understanding and our in-depth knowledge of our client, their industry, competitors and customers.  It’s how our campaigns deliver.

Technical Excellence plus Optimisation – Our formula for success

Using industry best practice we optimise the elements on each page and maximise how other sites reference and link to them.  Dux achieves ranking benefits which enable your website to be easily accessed by both search engine crawlers and users.  

What we DON’T DO

We don’t promise you the world…

We don’t make empty promises or try and baffle you with science. At Dux we simply say, you will deal with experienced local professionals who use proven methodologies to deliver measurable, transparent and creative campaigns that deliver a great ROI.

No lock in contracts at Dux

Our custom built websites and data-focused social marketing campaigns are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, and they work. Because Dux customers get the service and results they need, they choose to stay (and we like that)

We don’t keep our clients in the dark

At Dux, we have the skills required to scrutinise the analytics and review, refine and refocus adverts for maximum performance. Our reporting platform is accessible 24/7 so our clients can track how their campaign is working in real time.

We don’t subscribe to the one size fits all approach

We start every project with a detailed briefing to get to know your business and company objectives. It helps us to define your customers and analyse how they find you.  Then we design a website that meets your specific needs.   


Founder of Dux Digital


I’m Justin. Founder and Director of Dux Digital… I’ve noticed that many Digital Agencies have become very focused on high volume and fast turnaround business. Personally, I prefer to develop lasting relationships with my clients.  I partner with them to discover how I can help to grow their brand or business and achieve their business goals.  It’s why I reject the template website model and create custom websites that are coded to the highest standards with the functionality built in to do the job properly.

I believe in innovation and creativity as transformation tools to push the boundaries. It’s how I develop a results-driven digital marketing strategy, tailored specifically for you, or sophisticated web solutions that will drive your business.  

I’ve been in the trenches since 1997 and have been lucky enough to work around the world for some of the largest companies.  Including  big names like The All Blacks, Manchester United, Trafalgar Tours, Land Rover, London 2012 Olympic Games Bid, Roxy Surf Wear, Australia Post, Yellow Pages and Cougar Bourbon.

“ If you’re struggling to understand or navigate the ever-changing digital world and are looking for honest, evidenced-based advice, the Dux Digital team and I are here to help. ”

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