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Breast Cancer Care WA

Breast Cancer Care WA

Breast Cancer Care WA provides free nursing, counselling and financial support to those affected by breast cancer. 

When people are seeking out help for either themselves or a loved one, they want to come to a place that’s comforting, homely and easily accessible. That was the approach we took with the Breast Cancer Care WA website.

What was our mission?

BCCWA’s website needed to be friendly and easy-to-use to accommodate people looking to get help, give support, or to partner alongside them. 

Through an in-depth and collaborative discovery session, we defined an appropriate strategy with the client and its stakeholders. The challenge in designing the website was the sheer amount of information that had to go on there.

We are thrilled with the job Dux did on our project.
Zoe McAlpine – CEO

To wrap up

From the design to the usability to the customer experience, we’re proud of this website and how it fully captures the essence of Breast Cancer Care WA and all of the great work that they do.