Helping a not-for-profit organisation to break through education barriers

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Thriving Futures is a not-for-profit organisation who help connect educators with the training resources available to them to teach in remote regions of Western Australia.

The brief

  • The client had a variety of offerings and services that were catered to three different audiences.
  • These were location-specific, meaning that not all services were available to all users.
  • Web producers needed to be able to edit content easily and in one place, without having to update it everywhere throughout the website.
  • The website needed to accommodate future changes and additions easily.
  • The client had already engaged a designer to update their branding prior to Dux starting the project. Their new brand is full of life with a lot of colours, gradients, fonts and icons. The challenge for Dux was to translate this energy into a digital format so that it could enhance the user journey and make displaying their services easy to understand.

The solution

  • The IA was revised to ensure that information was presented in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Provided recommendations on how the content was rewritten and presented.
  • The ability to edit key areas of the website globally was implemented, so that universal blocks of content could be easily modified in one place.
  • Offerings were presented in a table format and segmented by location, to make it clear which locations offered which services.
  • The website is built to grow: the client can add additional services and locations without difficulty.
  • We kept the existing brand colours but translated them into a website design that was easy for users to navigate and process.

What we did

  • Wireframe design
  • Website design
  • UI design
  • Development