Supporting a wildlife rescue organisation in their mission

WA Wildlife Logo Header Image

WA Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation in Perth, Western Australia, that is dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and conserving WA’s native wildlife.

The challenges

  • With the creation of their new Hospital, WA Wildlife needed a website that accurately reflected their ongoing expansion and their new facilities.
  • Being short on time and often in high-pressure situations, they needed a website that was easy to update, with a user-friendly CMS and overall website setup.
  • They wanted to dispel the idea that they’re government-run and push that they are a not-for-profit that relies on public and corporate donations for support.
    There was also the need for there to be an easy-to-access page for those who had found an injured animal and  needed help.

The results

  • We added a clear ‘Donate’ button in the nav that also stuck at the bottom of the page on Mobile, to ensure that its importance was front and centre.
  • We supported with copy to put “not-for-profit” at the centre, and convey the importance of donations.
  • We also created a page called “Found an injured animal?” that sat prominently in the nav, and took the user to a page that provided guidance on how people could help different sick or injured native animals.
  • The CMS was designed to be easy to navigate, with clear post-types and areas where new content such as new team members could be added easily and efficiently.

What we did

  • User research
  • SEO
  • UI design
  • Development