Is your website keeping up with your business?


Key points on this page:

  1. It's good practice to review your website periodically to ensure it's keeping up with your business and meeting your goals.
  2. You should consider CRO and review all aspects of your website to identify opportunities to enhance its performance.
  3. Use analytics tools like Hotjar to gather data about site visitors, their behaviour, and their journey throughout your website.


Keep your website up-to-date and aligned with your business by regularly analysing, refreshing and improving it based on your target audience and user feedback.

Reviewing your website regularly is good practice. Knowing whether it’s time to refresh and update it or undertake a complete rebuild can be a more complex decision.

Given that your website is the interface between your business and your clients and an important lead generation tool, making the right decision is important.

Could your website be better?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the practice of reviewing all aspects of your website and looking for ways to improve. It can take the form of simple things like button colour or titles on form fields through to larger work that could involve rebuilding all or part of the site.

Because your business is constantly evolving and improving, we think your website should, too.

While some business decisions can be subjective, when it comes to your website, you need to be objective. A conversation rate optimisation of your current website considers a number of fundamentals.

  • First impressions count. Does the look and feel of the website represent your business or brand successfully?
    How is the user experience? Is the site easy to navigate and does it have the information required to engage prospective customers and keep bringing them back?
    Has every page been optimised to meet Google standards and does it work across all platforms?
    Does it have the technical functions and capacity to support your business?
    Will it help the business to achieve your commercial goals?

Once these basic details have been established, it’s time to interrogate the data.


Are your decisions driven by data?

We use Hotjar as a starting point because in addition to identifying site visitors and classifying them by age, demographic, location and interest we can also pinpoint bigger problems like barriers to conversion. It’s a great tool to determine where people found you, via which channel and, importantly, which device they used.

The analytics can also identify where the visitor entered your website, the page they landed on first and whether they are a unique or returning visitor. Knowing which features potential customers engage with and how long they stayed on the page is digital gold, as it’s an indicator of what’s working.

Equally important is knowing where and when they abandon the conversion funnel and leave the site. Incorporating tools such as Hotjar provides helps us assess the user experience, how users are engaging with your website, and highlights glitches like drop-offs within forms. This is the type of data that should inform your decision to update, refresh or rebuild.

How well do you know your client base?

Understanding the browsing and buying habits of potential customers can also provide distinct commercial benefit because a digital experience people enjoy, delivers higher conversion rates and forms connections between a business and its audience.

Refreshing your website is important. Make sure you are constantly improving the design, development and content to stay ahead.