Websites for education

Drive learner outcomes, make learning more accessible, and foster positive experiences with a website that speaks to education’s difficulties.
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Education Websites

Teach better, learn better with a website tailored towards your educational institution’s needs

Whether you’re a school, university or TAFE, a workplace educator, or an online learning provider, you need a website that works for you as much as you work for it.

Parents & students look for a website that gives them what they need, when they need it, with limited struggles. There’s enough to consider at the beginning of the academic year without having to navigate a maze.

We know how important the work you do is. So we want to help you do that work – easier, simpler, better.

The new Moodle website design

Features designed for learners, educators 
and innovators

  • Course integration

    Integrate with your preferred learning software
  • Events calendars

    Map out upcoming learning activities
  • Mobile reponsive

    Mobile, tablet & 
desktop friendly
  • Accessible

    Designed for all
  • Marketing-ready

    SEO & Google Ads ready
  • Easy to use

    WordPress-backed, simple & secure
  • Custom designed

    As unique as your organisation
  • Content-driven

    A website that tells your story
Our education experience

Building digital journeys that are uniquely crafted for learners and educators

Education websites need to meet high standards. Not only are they speaking to multiple audiences (teachers, students, researchers), they also need to take the weight off education staff.

Our team at Dux have worked with educational organisations of all sizes and types across both traditional and online learning. We know what works and we know how to get into the headspaces of your users.

We know the importance of education, so we ensure that all of our websites are simple to use, richly informative, and accessible.

The new Jeddle website design
Education Testimonial

Hear from our client

Kaye Cheung

Kaye Cheung

Head of Marketing & Communications

“It’s been an absolute delight working with the Dux Digital team. They are highly collaborative; easy to work with and always deliver with a smile. Dux understood our website challenges and helped us identify strategic solutions that optimised our users journey.”

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