Getting to the hearts of Moodle’s users

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Moodle is the world’s most trusted and customisable learning management system, used by millions of teachers, trainers, and learners around the globe.

While the eLearning company has been an industry leader since first launching its pioneering technology in the early 2000s, the Moodle promotional website needed a refresh that better spoke to its growing target market.

The brief

  • In addition to building a more accessible and engaging website, our brief from Moodle was to improve brand recognition and authority and generate more qualified leads.
  • Achieving these goals presented a number of challenges, as it was difficult to interview their product’s end users and collate insights for such a broad international market.
  • There were also over 38,000 pieces of website content that needed to be transferred to the new website, with extensive SEO work required to maintain high search term rankings.

The results

  • We worked with Moodle’s product and marketing teams to create a seamless user experience that drove the right people to the right places.
  • This process started with journey mapping exercises that we conducted with internal staff and different end user groups, including educators, LMS administrators, and students.
  • These exercises helped us gain a deeper understanding of what user needs and pain points around the current website must be addressed, directly informing the new design and content.
  • Our team then conducted rigorous accessibility, SEO, and UX audits of the current website to identify issues and recommendations to create a consistently user-friendly website experience.
  • Finally, our website development team decided to build upon the existing website, working with Moodle’s choice of web framework and code to simplify the development phase and avoid a lengthy content migration process.
  • Following the successful launch of the new Moodle website, Dux continues to maintain Moodle’s online presence and lead generation with SEO and digital marketing support.

What we did

  • SEO
  • User research
  • Wireframe design
  • Website design
  • UX workshops
  • Development
  • Reporting
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Long-form writing – blogs, feature stories, books


  • 33% increase in target keyword rankings
  • 35% increase in organic form submissions