The Dux of Websites

Our thoughts

To kick things off for 2017, we thought we’d look back on last year and reflect on something we hold quite dear to our hearts… Websites. We asked the team at Dux what their top 3 favourite websites are and what they like about them. Here is what they have to say…

Name: Sophie
Position: Digital Producer

First Place: Yul Moreau

Yul Moreau, a Digital Art Director/Freelancer based in Paris created by far the most eye catching and visually appealing website out of the top 3. Although Yul built his portfolio site on a Readymag template, the overall design of the website is out of this world. From start to finish, you are literally taking a journey when you scroll through the portfolio which not many one page websites can execute. The intro begins with a compilation of animated 1980’s sci-fi scenes which then transitions to different projects that Yul has worked on over the years when you continue to scroll down the page. Yul also creatively yet effectively uses unique and bold fonts and icons that perfectly match the sci-fi vibe introduced in the intro which is a huge bonus because who doesn’t love continuity from start to beginning.

Second Place: Waaark

The guys at Waaark has done an amazing job in creating a very simple yet highly interactive website. One of the things that I absolutely adore is the fact that when you hover over certain areas, the shape of the area warps depending on where you place your mouse. Another thing that really captured my attention was the cool transitions when you click onto different pages of the website. A ripple of waves appears and envelopes the whole site. Each ripple is different depending on which page you click on which to me is a very fun and quirky feature.

Third Place: Sagmeister and Walsh

Sagmeister and Walsh is a design firm located in the Big Apple having worked with major clients such as Jay Z, Snapchat and so on. Although they have adopted a very simple website design and development, the thing that appealed to me the most was their about section but more specifically, their team portraits. Without giving too much away, the individual portraits of the team members is definitely down my alley way. Subtle, elegant and slightly creepy. The way I like it. Oh and also, they appreciate avocados as much as I do so there’s definitely major brownie points there #avoaddictsunite!

Name: Tim
Role: Digital Marketing Consultant

First Place: LG Play More

This site is a perfect example of a great concept well executed. It ticks a lot of boxes for me being visually appealing with subtle tasteful branding. It encourages interaction through the playful “slot machine” style design without forcing product details on you. Overall a very impressive site.

Second Place: Made in Haus

This very successful agency based in the States has created a site that is enjoyable to navigate. It demonstrates their long list of talents and provides an interactive showcase of their clients. The small details in this site are what impress me most from the studio staff roll call on the interactive graffiti wall to the unique animated location map. 4.5 out of 5 stars would click on again.

Third Place: Bank of England

As we are all trained to keep on scrolling… forever and ever (poor thumbs) this site takes advantage of this and takes you on a learning journey. The 2D design is well laid out with a broad but well connected colour palate. Subtle animations hold your attention as the simple but informative content is delivered.

Name: Justin
Role: Director

A side-effect of designing more and more for mobile and tablet is that responsive design forces us to use quite rigid grid systems… although the result is clean and uncluttered, making for a good user experience, it means that many of today’s websites have a similar look and feel.

That’s why it is refreshing to see websites that break rigid grids or use advanced animation techniques to bring websites to life.

First Place: Through the Dark

I’m not normally one patient enough to wait for a long loading screen, but this immersive website uses some amazing technology, including WebGL to deliver a truly haunting website. A collaboration between the Hilltop Hoods and Google Play Music the website is essentially an interactive music video. It is immersive, tactile and had me hooked to the end.

Second Place:  Waark

A multiple award winning website by a French creative agency. Once again, their use of WebGl and advanced animation techniques brings a simple layout with a bold colour pallet to life.

Third Place: Acme

A really nice brand awareness website. The animating techniques and great images create a sophisticated online presence. Of the three websites, this one has the most practical commercial execution that could easily be applied to other brands. It loads quickly and works well. Only negative is the backing audio track that doesn’t add to the experience.

Name: James
Position: Web Developer

First Place: Quick Draw with Google

Quick Draw with Google is a game built with AI machine learning. You draw and a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing. It’s a pretty cool and new concept that I feel will potentially revolutionize the digital world in the next few years.

Second Place: Reddit

Reddit bridges communities and individuals with ideas, the latest digital trends, and breaking news. For me, it’s a great site for sharing user generated content and allows users to naturally engage which is a big plus for me.

Third Place: QANTAS Out of Service Travelogue

The QANTAS Out of Service Travelogue is a new service that I have not seen before. When on holidays, anyone who emails you will get an out-of-office reply with your travel diary that updates every time you update your Instagram. The website is simple, easy to use and visually appealing.